It is a legal requirement to ensure that High Voltage networks are serviced and maintained to a suitable standard. Owners must always ensure that the network's condition allows it to function safely in normal operation and to "fail safe" under fault conditions.

We work closely with our customers to reduce the time and money they spend on their power network responsibilities, whilst at all times maintaining operational and safety requirements. 

In addition to regular servicing and maintenance, our expert engineering teams make reports on the condition of network equipment, giving recommendations on future works.

The network duty holder or owner must

  • Have documented high voltage maintenance carried out at recommended frequencies.
  • Ensure that the high voltage network is operated and maintained by authorised and competent persons.
  • Ensure that persons involved in the operation of the high voltage network have up to date information on current applicable operational restrictions (HV-Alerts's and DIN's).
  • The duty holder / owner should receive reports on the condition of the network equipment and be given recommendations and considerations
  • have access to technical support and call out to respond in the case of emergency or unplanned loss or supply.

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Our service system is designed to meet the long-term needs of the user and  the network for which they are responsible. If you have any queries  regarding this maintenance system or require any additional information  please do not hesitate to contact us on 01529 410999.

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