Monday 27th August, 2017

A Christmas Breakdown (or two)!

So what does ACB stand for then? Easy question right? It's an Air Circuit Breaker of course. No, sorry completely wrong, the correct answer is in fact: A Christmas Breakdown (or two).

New Year's day at 2030hrs ACB failure number one occurs at Tulip's production facility in Boston. Our incident manager had just dispatched an engineer to attend when......

......New Year's day at 2035hrs ACB failure number two at Beeswax's AD Plant in Nocton - no problem, 2nd engineer dispatched to attend.

The response to both issues happened almost simultaneously with engineers arriving on site about 60 minutes after the initial call had been received.

EME Power Systems director said:

"When we say that we provide our customers with 24hour cover for 365 days of the year we mean it; just because it's Christmas time, or a day is a bank holiday doesn't mean that a problem that needs to be addressed urgently won't happen. EME Power Systems are not complacent in this respect and we tell the truth about the level of cover that we provide. We always encourage custodians of HV systems to tread carefully in this respect and thoroughly probe an organisations ability to respond".