EME support new customer with disruptive electrical failure

Wednesday 11 December, 2013

EME Power systems received a call from a site manager on Friday 22nd November saying that they had experienced an electrical explosion. Although we had not previously carried out any work at this site, a technical team was dispatched and was on-site within 90 minutes. The failure of high voltage switch gear had blown out the outer brick skin of the sub-station wall, along with a door.

After assessing the situation, EME Power Systems Electrical Engineers were able to get the site back on supply and is pending a permanent solution to their high voltage requirements. We will carry this further work out next month along with a programme of ongoing high voltage maintenance to ensure lasting performance of electrical equipment.

It is a legal requirement for high voltage networks to be serviced and maintained to a suitable standard. Although in this case, the site manager had taken all the necessary steps, this case does highlight the need for equipment owners and managers to have experts ready and available in case of emergencies.

As we have come to expect EME Power Systems customer support team responded very quickly indeed, the issue that was experienced at this site serves to provide a strong visual reminder of the importance of an effective preventative maintenance regime and the consequences that can occur when one is not in place.

Pete Wasteney, Emcon Energy Management

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