EME Power Systems Renewables

Tuesday 12 January, 2016

At EME Power Systems we have been busy accommodating our customers in the rush to ensure that their renewable energy sources are commissioned before tariff changes take effect. In the last 3 months alone EME Power Systems have connected in excess of 10,000 kva of Anaerobic Digestion (AD), Solar & Wind generation to the distribution network or, to put it another way, enough energy to supply about 8,000 homes.

EME Power Systems Director, Robert Horn said:

"Any generation scheme of any significant capacity will require a high voltage metered electricity connection in order to connect to the distribution network operator's network. It will most likely also require an on-site private HV network of transformers & switchgear to complete the connection of the generating equipment to the network. These projects are an excellent example of where our Power Systems & Power Connections businesses operate together to provide a complete solution to the client. Our businesses provide a seamless electrical connection from the point(s) of generation through to the point of connection to the DNO's network. Generation export schemes are even more time sensitive than import only connections; OFGEM & generation tariff stipulations dictate that the connection be energised & "G59'd" to strict deadlines that have to be me - no exception, no excuse and any failure likely to result in seven figure consequential losses.

At EME Power Systems we understand that design & execution of that design to a high standard on its own does not equal success; the additional components of completing & G59ing to an agreed time line are also requirements of a successful project".

If you are an end client, consultant or a renewables provider and would like to discuss a generation scheme with an EME Power Systems engineer then we would be pleased to talk with you.

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