Major PPE Manufacturer Alpha Solway Increases Production in the UK

Amid the disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic, Globus Group accelerated its commitment to 75% UK manufacturing, commissioning three new British production facilities in England and Scotland. Their target was simple: to produce sustainable, in-country PPE, protecting frontline key healthcare workers and the public alike as quickly as possible.

Globus group

With various sized machines procured, delivery dates known and logistics complete, the first site in Warrington had been identified and the network operator engaged. In needing to upgrade the existing low voltage supply to a high voltage metered 1500kVA authorised supply capacity, we knew the task and what we were up against. It was now the time to liaise and get this project delivered on Alpha’s new factory.

Knowing the machine layout and the required low voltage distribution within the building made the layout of the high voltage equipment required self-explanatory. Therefore, in utilising our various design software packages, high voltage protection settings, cable calculations etc., we were able to put the design together and agreed within a few days. It was a tight turnaround of just five days, from starting the design, to having to be in the position of ordering equipment.

With all the pieces of the jigsaw available, we were now able to put together the programme of works, coordinating all the parties so everyone had an understanding of their scope of the works. Time and time again we have shown that this management part of the scheme ensures that potential problems can be identified and resolved prior to them having detrimental impacts on customers’ expectations.

With everything in place and the programme agreed we commenced on site, starting with the civils well in advance of the planned energisation date. Our civils team ensured all plinths, trenching and building service entries were ready for our craftsmen who, after a couple of weeks, complemented the civils.

Having been involved in the project from beginning to end, we were able to manage the coordination of parties and we ensured we had plenty of grace prior to the prearranged ‘transfer of supplies’ date.

With the install complete, reinstatement and tidying of site finished off and pre-commissioning witnessed, we were able to transfer the supplies in a seamless transition with minimum downtime or out of hours for workers, ensuring disruption to production wasn’t affected.

This story is to and will be continued as we move onto the next phase of construction of the second Alpha Solway manufacturing site in Dumfries. This time is an empty piece of land where the task is to start from the footings up…….

Dave Williams, Projects Director at Globus Group, said: “EME provided a great and professional service from start to finish. Nothing was ever too much trouble for them and Steve and the team were always willing to help where they could – they have been a pleasure to work with.”