In the past, businesses needing high voltage electrical work would typically turn to the area regional electricity company for technical guidance, design and installation of substation and distribution upgrade works. However, changes within the DNO's mean that this facility is now not normally available. EME Power Systems have ensured that this service can continue to be provided.

High Voltage Installation Services

The EME Power System Project allows the network custodian to have access to technical support, advice and assistance from the initial project conception onwards.

Business expansions or new projects often run in to difficulties as a result of power requirements not being considered until it is too late in the design process. Often this can lead to costly and unnecessary modifications having to be incorporated within the projects plan at a much later date. With our electrical engineering expertise and industry experience, we aim to assist business from the very earliest stages of your project or expansion.

Our expert engineering teams can provide you with

  • Comment on technical feasibility of project
  • An alternative price to the DNO costs for a new electrical connection to site (EME Power Connections)
  • Costed proposals including any alternative options identified
  • Guidance on any likely affects to the Regional Electricity Company's network
  • Assistance in liaising with your Regional Electricity Company
  • Full design and installation project package
  • Turnkey installation
  • Commissioning
  • Ongoing maintenance and system support

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