Traditionally new electrical connections could only be provided by the host distribution network operator. Things have now changed and our affiliated company, EME Power Connections, are able to carry out new / upgraded electrical connections to commercial & industrial clients.

If you have ever tried to arrange a new or upgraded electrical connection to your commercial or industrial premises then you will probably already know how frustrating dealing with your host distribution network operator can be. EME Power Connections (our affiliated registered company) has been formed specifically to carry out all of the contestable elements of your new electricity supply, as well as manage the final connection to the network and non-contestable elements of the works.

EME Power Connections specialise in providing new or upgraded electricity supplies of 275kva or above and because we are in control of all the design, costing and installation phases of the works we are able to offer you the same great levels of service and support.

By selecting EME Power Connections to install and manage your new connection you have also made the decision to introduce facts and certainties in to your project plan.

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