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Regular maintenance and inspection is essential to ensure the long term performance of all power systems we ensure the continued safe operation of our customers’ high voltage networks.

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The experts employed by EME Power Systems have all been DNO trained. This means that the High Voltage services that we provide to the region's HV networked sites meet the very highest standards in terms of safety and quality.

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In addition to our formal support responsibilities, we are happy to provide advisory information that will allow you to manage your network better. Naturally one of our Electrical Engineers will be happy to discuss any query that you may have either over the telephone, or if you prefer in person, please call us and we would be happy to speak with you.

Our team work very hard to ensure the continued safe operation of our customers high voltage networks but where requirements dictate that an emergency response is required to attend to a problem or a system failure, please call us on 01529 410999.

Regular maintenance and inspection is essential to ensure the long term performance of all power systems.


With the high level of risk associated with operations at High Voltage, persons need to be competent and authorised to carry out any works on or near High Voltage, plant or equipment.

Works should only be carried out under a "Safe System of Work" i.e. Permit to Work, Sanction for Test or Limitation of Access etc. and this safety documentation can only be issued by a Senior Authorised Person (SAP) who is both authorised and nominated by the network owner/controller.

Although many high voltage metered sites have their own high voltage authorised staff to provide cover for operations on their private network, often there is a lack of real-life operations and incidents to ensure that the trained staff are kept sufficiently experienced to work safely. In addition, staff are often put at risk by not having full access to information relating to current operational restrictions and embargoes. Our Operational Engineers are regularly operating at voltages up to 33,000 Volts and are informed of the status and changes in the status of equipment type.

About EME Power Systems

EME Power Systems are a leading national provider of power distribution services to business and industry. Our expert engineering teams deliver installation, maintenance and emergency support with the quality and service you can rely on from a Lloyds of London registered company.

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