Ardagh Glass Transformer Replacement


EME Power Systems recently completed a transformer replacement project at Ardagh Glass in Doncaster. The works involved the replacement of 2No. existing transformers with 2No. new 3MVA Cast Resin transformers. The time frame of the project was extremely tight, with one of the transformers needing to be energised to ensure production could begin as soon as the new furnace was completed.

Due to the lead time of the 3MVA Cast Resin transformers, the delivery date was to be 5 weeks after production was due to begin. As transformers take typically 4 weeks to be transported from the factory to the UK by sea, other options were explored. It was decided to utilise air freight instead, which slashed the delivery time from 4 weeks to 4 days. EME co-ordinated with the air freight shipping company, ensuring all information was provided timely and efficiently, to make sure the transformers were able to board one of only two flights a week from the country of origin.

The transformers arrived on site only a week after leaving the factory, with a few days left to spare before the production date. Our installation teams then worked hard to terminate the HV and LV cabling, and earthing within a quick time frame, to ensure the new transformer could be energised a couple of days before production was due to begin.

We at EME Power Systems understand the pressure companies are under to ensure project time frames and deadlines are met, and we will always do everything we can to ensure our part of the project assists with this.

James Grigg, Electrical Engineer