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As part of any substation access procedure and a major element to any periodic or predictive planned maintenance schedule to HV equipment is to test for partial discharge. Early identification of partial discharge is a very good indicator of insulating faults starting to develop and gives the opportunity to address prior to any future, possibly catastrophic, equipment failures causing unplanned downtime and unnecessary headaches.

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Storm Franklyn


EME Power Systems were recently involved in a replacement transformer project at a site in Nottingham.

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Helping to Mitigate the UK Energy Crisis


Here at EME Power Systems we have seen an unprecedented rise in enquiries for our energy efficient transformers over recent months.

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EME Power Systems Helps Company To Join The Recycling Effort


EME Power Systems have recently helped with the recycling effort at a plastic packaging company by installing a new transformer and the necessary HV switchgear and cabling.

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Christmas Time Switchgear Changes


Between Boxing Day bank holiday and New Year's Eve, EME Power Systems replaced 2No. 11kV embargoed oil filled banks of switchgear with modern SF6 equipment.

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