Double transformer failure leads to double success

Tuesday 21st January, 2020

On 27th July 2019, we received two alarm calls from two different customers, calling on our team to come together and co-ordinate our response to ensure a successful outcome.

Echo Packaging

Our Incident Manager received a 0400hrs alarm call from our customer, Echo Packaging, reporting a total loss of supply to the site. An engineer was dispatched and was quickly able to diagnose the issue as a failed transformer. A decision was made not to deploy standby generation and to go straight to replacement of the unit. A transformer was sourced and delivered to the site with installation well underway by the time the second incident of the weekend was called in.

Moy Park

Later on the same day, at 1600hrs, we were called out to respond to a transformer failure by another customer, Moy Park. Our engineer was able to quickly restore supplies via an LV bus section and the second emergency transformer installation of the weekend began...

Happy ending

Echo Packaging transformer installation was completed by 2100hrs, with the supplies at Moy Park being reverted to normal operating conditions by 1700hrs on the 28th July.

EME Power Systems Incident Manager, James Grigg, said: "Our role in supporting our customers and ensuring that they have a secure electrical supply to their production facilities is often demanding, but it has to be said that this weekend proved once again that the EME Power Systems team comes together and is at its best when meeting challenges - even if I did feel a bit like Jean Michel Jarre playing his two different keyboards at the same time!"