EME Power Systems Continue As Normal

20th May 2020

EME Power Systems continue as normal with the routine provision of essential services

Our engineer James Grigg received a call from our customer with a report that a low voltage MCCB was repeatedly tripping whilst attempting to energise an 11Kv step up circuit. Our engineers were dispatched and carried out a thorough investigation of the site’s high and low voltage systems. They discovered that the issue was the result of a cable fault and used our specialist test trailer to identify the exact location of the fault.

Our operational engineer provided additional details of the fault: “When exposed the cable was found to be at a depth of 6 feet, unusually, the phases hadn’t tracked to earth; this made the surge generator “thumping” extremely difficult to pick up with the acoustic listening device. The fault between the 2 phases had started to track between each other, but within the PICAS type cable and so only a very slight sound being detected, we arranged for the area to be dug out overnight and the location identified was exactly where the point of fault turned out to be. The cable repair was jointed within a day and energised”.

‘I’ve had a nice relaxing weekend thanks to you guys. Less of a worry now the fault is all fixed and the processing plant is back up and running. Big thank you to yourself, Peter and Shaun for carrying out such a fab job!! It was a tricky fault to find. I watched as Peter and Shaun did their thing and I was well impressed. You have a great team.’

Amy Cooper - Quarry Manager Aggregates North West