EME Power Systems Helps Company To Join The Recycling Effort


EME Power Systems have recently helped with the recycling effort at a plastic packaging company by installing a new transformer and the necessary HV switchgear and cabling.

Engineer James Grigg was approached by an existing customer who have previously had their old transformer replaced for a larger unit by ourselves, with the requirement for additional power to a new location of their site to facilitate a new recycling plate.

Due to a lack of space on the site, a bespoke substation was designed to house 2No. new HV circuit breakers, which would be used to distribute the 11kV incoming supply to the existing transformer and a new transformer. Assistance was provided to the builder on site regarding the space needed for the new transformer, along with details on the HV & LV cable runs, and earthing locations. The deadline for the works was the commissioning date of some new recycling machinery, which was around 8 weeks from the order being placed.

Due to EME Power Systems holding stock of switchgear and transformers, the energisation date was achieved. The local DNO was liaised with to provide the required isolation and the installation was completed and tested on time and on budget.