Now For Something Slightly Different

Wednesday 4th October 2017

Services provided to rectify problem of intermittent fault on actuated circuit breaker.

EME Power Systems have provided Wabtec Rail with HV support services for a number of years, and this year's project was something slightly different.

The Wabtec Rail 25kv overhead test facilty was encountering a number of problems with an intermittent fault on the actuated circuit breaker supplying the 25kv overhead testing facility. After a number of visits by the breaker manufacturer the intermittent fault seemed to keep appearing and couldn't be rectified. EME Power Systems' task was to design a new and improved system and remove the intermittent fault in the system reducing down time and maintenance costs.

EMEPS sourced a new CBR vacuum interrupter and commisioned and installed the equipment in the circuit on the secondary side of the supply transformer, complete with mimic controls and emergency trip protection and connecting the existing Wabtec systems into the control functions.

Chris Twining from Wabtec Rail made this statement on completion of the works:

"Alongside EME Power Systems, we have recently completed a CAPEX project to install a CBR type vacuum interrupter (circuit breaker/switch) to the 25kV test facility to increase the lifespan and improve reliability of the main transformer and associated HV system, subsequently reducing breakdown and maintenance costs significantly. Originally raised in April 2016, there has been significant effort and problem solving to finally have the project successfully completed, so many thanks to those involved."