Welcoming Samantha Collishaw and Reducing Carbon Footprint


EME Power Systems has been trying to look at ways of reducing our Carbon Foot Print and improving our efficiency.

With nearly 700 maintenance contracts across the UK our process involves a lot of driving and a large amount of paperwork, creating job cards and instructions for the routine and full maintenance we carry out.

Running these is takes a lot of time and effort as well as the office side of things with printing and paperwork.

EME Power Systems has spent about 6 months developing an HV Automation package to improve the efficiency of our process in handling our customers high voltage maintenance.

Apple iPads and a purpose built platform are now being used which has reduced the need for large quantities of paperwork and printer ink, actively cutting down our engineers driving time by enabling the process to run using Wi-Fi and the cloud. The field fitters do not have to come to the office to collect paperwork and this has had a huge impact on our fuel bill as well as reducing our emissions and mileage.

In addition to this our clients now receive their substation inspection reports within days of our visit with the information being transferred back to the office instead of waiting for the engineer to drive back to the office with the old paperwork and new reports.

By updating our databases our process has also allowed us to cluster our clients in certain areas thus seeing more clients in an area rather than travelling back and forwards and then revisiting that area only a month or so later.

Due to the speed of our reporting now and the increasing demand for our services we have also employed a dedicated HV Maintenance Administrator, Samantha Collishaw, who is receiving all the reports and emailing the engineers with the results for these to be analysed before reporting back to the client with our recommendations.

The business is now ready to accept more clients and have actively saved money by reducing our fuel bill along with lower and reducing our mileage, reduced our paper usage and ink cartridges, but more importantly reduced our carbon footprint significantly.

If you would like to get involved and see first hand how our new systems work, please give us a call or email our website where I’m sure we will be able to assist with your High Voltage Maintenance needs.

Steve Harrison, Electrical Engineer