Taking the Biscuit

23rd May 2024

EME Power Systems have recently been tasked with the replacement of an aged 5 way HV panel comprising of OCB’s and oil filled switches with a new Schneider Genie Evo extensible HV board. The project was undertaken at a well known biscuit factory in London.

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Benefits of Furans Testing

17th April 2024

Both oil and paper play a part in a transformer’s insulation properties and whilst a routine test on the fluid will indicate its overall condition, including di-electric strength, there is a further test available to ascertain the papers condition, their tensile strength: a Furans test.

Discovering degrading oil can be overcome by processing or replacing the oil. However, any degrading of the papers is irreversible. Along with routine and DGA testing of the transformer oil monitoring the Furans facilitates predicting any potential issues enabling preventative measures to be implemented, the planning for end of serviceable life or prior to any catastrophic failure of the transformer.

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Aftermath of Storm Babet

29th February

The unprecedented havoc storm Babet brought us led us to deal with fifteen emergencies during a three day period. The turnaround to one of those emergencies in particular highlighted just about every element of what EME Power Systems provides in its emergency customer support.

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Emergency Response to Storm Babet’s Disruption


Over a 3 day period during October Storm Babet wreaked havoc across the UK delivering over 100mm of rain in places, which resulted in severe disruption to several major aspects of life across many areas of the country, with loss of electrical supplies and some catastrophic failures being just one.

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Welcoming Samantha Collishaw and Reducing Carbon Footprint


EME Power Systems has been trying to look at ways of reducing our Carbon Foot Print and improving our efficiency.

With nearly 700 maintenance contracts across the UK our process involves a lot of driving and a large amount of paperwork, creating job cards and instructions for the routine and full maintenance we carry out.

Running these is takes a lot of time and effort as well as the office side of things with printing and paperwork.

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Ardagh Glass Transformer Replacement


EME Power Systems recently completed a transformer replacement project at Ardagh Glass in Doncaster. The works involved the replacement of 2No. existing transformers with 2No. new 3MVA Cast Resin transformers. The time frame of the project was extremely tight, with one of the transformers needing to be energised to ensure production could begin as soon as the new furnace was completed.

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Considering Voltage Management to Help Cut Bills?


Voltage management comes in many technologies and is just one element of improving energy efficiency but, if considering voltage management to help cut electricity bills, quite often one of the lowest cost options gets overlooked and you may already have the equipment to achieve a voltage reduction to site in place.

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Graham Haydn-Davies Retirement

2nd June 2023

EME Power Systems said goodbye on 24th May to long standing employee Graham Haydn-Davies as he left to enjoy his well-earned retirement.

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LV Sub-Main Fault


EME Power Systems received a call from a customer asking us if we could help to investigate an ever increasing intermittent tripping problem on a parallel feeder circuit from an LV MCCB.

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Cable Joint Failure

26th January 2023

On Saturday 26th November our Incident Manager, Steve Myson received an emergency call from Eat Real in Nuneaton. The site was reporting a total loss of supply to site and National Grid (formerly Western Power Distribution) were confirming that there were no issues on the local distribution network and that the problem was within the private network belonging to Eat Real. Steve dispatched an engineer to site to commence fault finding.

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Phil Shaw Retirement

10th January 2023

EME Power Systems wish Phil Shaw all the very best in his retirement.

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Directional Drilling

21st November 2022

Once in a while we are tasked with projects that throw up additional challenges where specialist engineering solutions are required to fulfil the works. One such example is where either practical or engineering consideration is needed to be shown to ‘surface’ infrastructure and obstacles such as main roads, rivers or railways and the solution is to directional drill rather than open trench or ducting of the cable route.

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Pre-Planned Maintenance


We recently carried out pre-planned maintenance of a Vacuum HV Switchboard. While carrying out secondary injection testing of the circuit breaker protection relays, it was discovered that one of them was faulty.

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Energy Savings Factsheet


EME Power Systems have produced a new fact sheet demonstrating the huge savings that can be made by replacing old inefficient transformers with modern low loss units.

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The Benefits of Carrying Out Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)


As part of our extensive maintenance package, EME Power Systems regularly carries out PPM on customer owned HV assets. The purpose of this is to preserve the condition of the asset and prevent faults from occurring that would result in costly and inconvenient power outages. The following tasks are carried out as part of our PPM service:

  • Visual inspection.
  • Oil sampling.
  • Partial discharge testing.

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EME Transformer Stock Saves the Day!


Customer benefits from our extensive in-house Tier 2 transformer stock.

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As part of any substation access procedure and a major element to any periodic or predictive planned maintenance schedule to HV equipment is to test for partial discharge. Early identification of partial discharge is a very good indicator of insulating faults starting to develop and gives the opportunity to address prior to any future, possibly catastrophic, equipment failures causing unplanned downtime and unnecessary headaches.

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Storm Franklyn


EME Power Systems were recently involved in a replacement transformer project at a site in Nottingham.

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Helping to Mitigate the UK Energy Crisis


Here at EME Power Systems we have seen an unprecedented rise in enquiries for our energy efficient transformers over recent months.

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EME Power Systems Helps Company To Join The Recycling Effort


EME Power Systems have recently helped with the recycling effort at a plastic packaging company by installing a new transformer and the necessary HV switchgear and cabling.

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Christmas Time Switchgear Changes


Between Boxing Day bank holiday and New Year's Eve, EME Power Systems replaced 2No. 11kV embargoed oil filled banks of switchgear with modern SF6 equipment.

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Out of Hours Peace of Mind

3rd December 2021

EME Power Systems offer an out of hours service offers 24/7 peace of mind and we are proud to have a team who are ready to react and respond.

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EME Power Systems Fast Response for Major Food Manufacture


A major food manufacturer in the Midlands that employs over 700 people across its manufacturing and office facility found its self without power recently.

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Importance of Regular Intrusive Maintenance


We recently became involved in a job demonstrating once again the importance of regular intrusive maintenance.

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NHS Challenge


EME Power Systems have recently completed a challenge set to us by the NHS.

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Automated Packaging at Malvern Worcestershire


During Routine HV Maintenance we discovered that a transformer required an oil change due to moisture and low electrical breakdown strength.

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Christmas Arrives Early


Christmas brought a new Tier 3 Super Low Loss Transformer early for our customer.

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Challenge Accepted


EME Power Systems were pleased to have been awarded the contract to both design and build a new HV / LV substation at Princes in Long Sutton.

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Through these uncertain times...

...we are grateful for the help and understanding of other businesses.

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Hayley Paddock Joins EME Power Systems


EME Power Systems are pleased to be able to welcome new staff member, Hayley Paddock, to the team.

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Challenging Times

EME Power Systems were pleased to have been awarded the contract to both design and build a new HV / LV substation at Princes in Long Sutton, the instruction was placed with us in July, with the requirement of power on by the 28th September.

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Low Carbon Electricity

EME Power Systems have been engaged to install a new HV panel, distribution transformers, HV cabling & LV tails to support the power distribution to the UK Atomic Agency.

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Our excellent installation teams complete essential works


EME Power Systems have successfully completed another HV supply upgrade for local engineering company Minebea in Lincoln.

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Fast Response


Thank you Western Power Distribution

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Essential Maintenance


Highlighting how important routine maintenance is to prevent failures and secure supplies.

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It's A Cut!


EME Power Systems recently carried out important switch gear and transformer maintenance works at Elstree Studios in Borehamwood.

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EME Power Systems Quarterly Update


As with every business the last three months for EME Power Systems has been dominated by the Covid-19 pandemic. As a company that carries out vital and essential services to support the safe and continued supply of electricity to large commercial and industrial consumers, suspension of our business has never been an option for us and in fact not one of our full time staff has been furloughed. Instead we have had to adapt our working methods in order to continue with our operations through the pandemic.

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Infrastructure Upgrade


Solution Provider

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EME Power Systems Continue As Normal

20th May 2020

EME Power Systems continue as normal with the routine provision of essential services

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Double transformer failure leads to double success

Tuesday 21st January, 2020

On 27th July 2019, we received two alarm calls from two different customers, calling on our team to come together and co-ordinate our response to ensure a successful outcome.

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Steve Harrison Joins the Company

Thursday 23 May, 2019

EME Power Systems welcomes Steve Harrison to the team.

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Class Cancelled

Thursday 14th March 2019

Loss of supply at Grantham College quickly restored.

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Now For Something Slightly Different

Wednesday 4th October 2017

Services provided to rectify problem of intermittent fault on actuated circuit breaker.

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Go Green and Save Pounds

Wednesday 4th October, 2017

Savings and carbon reduction from voltage optimised low loss transformers.

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Cable Fault Repair

Friday 8th September, 2017

Hindley Green Business Park Cable Fault

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Monday 27th August, 2017

A Christmas Breakdown (or two)!

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Time For A Quick Change Around

Friday 12th May, 2017

The quick response allowed the project to be completed earlier than expected and the supply restored 24 hours earlier than anticipated much to the satisfaction of the customer.

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Lincoln Prison

Tuesday 21st February, 2017

Cold Porridge

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EME Power Systems Renewables

Tuesday 12th January, 2016

At EME Power Systems we have been busy accommodating our customers in the rush to ensure that their renewable energy sources are commissioned before tariff changes take effect.

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An Early Summer Break - Out With The Old, In With The New

Friday 10th April, 2015

After our midweek break where we found two severely damaged 11KV terminations, we continued our HV maintenance regime for a national holiday park company and set off again, this time to the Isle of Wight.

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EME Power Systems Midweek Break

Wednesday 10 December, 2014

A national holiday park company recently re-assigned the HV maintenance regime for all of their UK sites to EME Power Systems.

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