Automated Packaging at Malvern Worcestershire


During Routine HV Maintenance we discovered that a transformer required an oil change due to moisture and low electrical breakdown strength.

As this was going to involve an HV Isolation, we discussed the benefits of removing his older oil HV switchgear due to switching embargoes and increased maintenance costs.

The client decided, that this was an ideal time to remove the aging and problematic switchgear in favour of a new SF6 Schneider Electric Ringmaster 2 x CE2-T7 TLF Protected Circuit Breakers.

The incoming supply was Isolated and whilst one team worked on the oil change within the transformer our other teams removed the 2 panel Oil Switchboard and replaced this within the day and the clients supply was restored.

In doing so the client has modernised his switchgear, increased the safety for the operator and reduced his maintenance costs and down time thus saving on both fronts.

Maintenance of your HV Switchgear is critical to maintain your supplies and keep you production running.

A lack of maintenance will cause unplanned downtime and a loss of supply to critical production lines along with expensive emergency call out costs and generator backup systems.

“If you have aging embargoed oil switchgear or require any HV Maintenance, EME Power Systems will provide the Solution. “