Cable Fault Repair

Friday 8th September, 2017

Hindley Green Business Park Cable Fault

Our client, Hindley Green Business Park located in Wigan experienced a cable fault in the early hours of Saturday 24th June; the initial report sounded serious (the sound of an explosion had been heard from a distance of several hundred metres away). We immediately sent an engineer to make safe/investigate & restore supplies. At the request of the client, emergency generation was organised whilst our engineer was enroute so as to shorten any potential delay in restoration of supply. On arrival some 90 minutes or so later, our engineer was able to quickly determine that the cause of the explosion was a cable joint failure. The system was configured as a ring and so it was possible to isolate the faulty section & reenergise the alternative supply

Repair of the cable joint required an extensive jointing bay to be formed, none the less this was carried out by our civils contractors (under close supervision as live 11kv cables were in the vicinity) & new cable sections jointed into service; all tested & re energised within a single working week).

EME Power Systems Director, Robert Horn said: "Another great example of our engineering & installation teams working together as a strong team, meaning that interruption to our customer's 24hour operation was minimised to a duration of just a few hours".