Class Cancelled

Thursday 14th March 2019

Loss of supply at Grantham College quickly restored.

Our incident manager received a call from Grantham College early on Friday 17th November; the site had experienced a total loss of supply and the college was about to open for the day.

EME Power System's first Authorised Person arrived 30 minutes after the call had been received with a second one arriving 15 minutes later to provide support. It was quickly established that the Western Power Distribution metering circuit breaker had operated and that there must be either a cable or transformer fault. Our APs called in WPD to provide isolation and earthing and then proceeded to fault find.

Meanwhile the college took the decision to send students home for the day.

Our APs were relieved by one of our Senior Authorised Persons and a jointing and civils team. The fault was soon identified as being an HV cable fault and EME Power Systems Ltd carried out a full permanent repair which was completed by the end of the day.

Site Manager Susan Mumford had this to say:

"EME Power Systems response time and customer service levels were excellent".