EME Transformer Stock Saves the Day!


Customer benefits from our extensive in-house Tier 2 transformer stock.

At around 4pm on a Monday, we received a call from one of our contracted customers telling us that they had no electrical supply to site. WPD had already been called to site and had confirmed that it was not due to a failure of their equipment. Therefore, we dispatched an SAP and jointer to site to identify the issue. Upon arrival to site, it was quickly evident that the transformer winding had developed an earth fault, with a 5kV insulation resistance test of the unit confirming this. The customer had a standby generator on site so was able to get supplies restored as soon as the fuel level was replenished. However due to the high diesel costs, they were desperate to only be on generator for a short time.

Luckily as part of our extensive in-house Tier 2 transformer stock, we were able to arrange for a replacement unit to be delivered to site the very next day. Following the disconnection of the old transformer by our HV jointers, the HIAB operator removed the failed unit from site and the replacement transformer was connected and energised in around 4 hours. The customer was delighted that they only used generator power for around 24 hours, reducing the amount of diesel used.

Also, as the replacement transformer was a new Tier 2 unit, the customer will benefit from reduced transformer losses compared to the existing unit. This will reduce their annual electricity bill, very important in times like these with rising energy costs!