Fast Response


Thank you Western Power Distribution

EME Power Systems have again demonstrated how quickly we are able to respond when HV metered customers experience a failure. Our engineer received the call on Friday 26th of June at 08.00 hrs; operational engineers were dispatched to site to arrive shortly afterwards ready to liaise with Western Power Distribution engineers who had also just arrived on site. It soon became apparent that the customer’s transformer had failed and because of the age of the WPD equipment this needed to be changed as well.

Working with WPD, a plan of works was agreed and an installation date for the replacement transformer and WPD switchgear was organised for a date that was convenient to our customer - site supplies being maintained by a generator in the interim.

There were some particular challenges in carrying out the works, access for transformer removal necessitated a section of an exterior wall of the factory to be removed, the proximity of the transformer to the WPD switchgear further complicating things.

Both EME Power Systems and WPD engineers worked together to ensure that the plan was delivered on, both organisations having sourced their respective transformer / switchgear at extremely short notice.

We would like to thank all of our suppliers involved, and in particular express our gratitude to Western Power Distribution for working closely with us to allow swift restoration of normal supplies to our customer.