Infrastructure Upgrade


Solution Provider

EME Power Systems set upon the total refurbishment of an existing substation housing two package transformers and LV boards along with a six panel HV switch board. The requirement was for a modern energy efficient package transformer and switch gear – all to be completed within tight time constraints of the Christmas period!

Being involved from the outset meant that we were able to offer the solution and planning to ensure that the project went without any glitches. Offering our expertise in design, as well as access to all necessary suppliers, the solution was offered and - in agreement with our client - the button was pressed for what was going to be a major refurbishment to their current infrastructure.

The work began and with everybody’s efforts and commitment we found ourselves stripped out and installing the new HV panel board slightly ahead of schedule. With a slight lead on the programme and in anticipation of the new package transformer arriving on day 6 we were able to finish early on New Year’s Eve and so enjoy some well-earned refreshment.

The New Year arrived and all hands were back on deck to install the new package transformer and re-terminate the LV sub mains all within the next five days. Time was of a premium. Working long days and having the craftsmen committed to making this happen there was a long hard push which allowed us to be in a position to commission and hand back over to our client a full day ahead of programme.

By consulting and employing EME Power Systems from the ‘thought’ of upgrading their package substation, we were able to offer our client a full solution including a lot of behind the scenes planning and organising. This often goes unnoticed until the time comes when it’s too late - especially during a critical time of year when access to those little items which could have been unaccounted for are not available due to other businesses being closed. Missing these could have been a complete showstopper but due to our diligence the project went smoothly and power was restored ahead of schedule to a delighted client.