NHS Challenge


EME Power Systems have recently completed a challenge set to us by the NHS.

Works were undertaken at the height of the pandemic crisis and involved replacing two failing transformers and a two panel OCB board. Critically, this required planning in order to take place without any interruptions to the site’s essential supplies, or any reduction in the ability to feed via generation in the event of a network outage.

We achieved this by the clever deployment of a temporary generator changeover panel that was used to supply one side of the LV board at a time whilst working on each the corresponding feeder transformers and so maintaining supply to the hospital.

We changed supplies over on the LV panel, installed a changeover panel and replaced one transformer. We then shifted our attention to the replacement of the aged oil filled switchgear, replacing it with modern gas insulated equipment using the same process.

All of this essential work was completed within a 3 day time window, leaving the site in a far better place in terms of the integrity of its electrical supplies to critical areas.

Contracting engineer, James Grigg said:

“Whilst the physical work is the day to day stuff of the business, the environment and the absolute requirement of there being no outage to the customer meant that there was an additional level of pressure to perform. All of the team involved worked so hard not just on the installation, but on the complex planning phases too. I would like to thank our SAP and fitting team for the exceptional effort that they have put into this project.”