Lincoln Prison

Tuesday 21st February, 2017

Cold Porridge

Inmates at Lincoln Prison narrowly avoided being served their porridge cold this Christmas time.

Over the holiday period EME Power Systems were called to attend to a loss of an HV circuit providing supply to half of the Victorian prison. With the site operating on standby generation and with diesel running low there were still hungry prisoners to feed.

The call was received mid-morning and EME Power Systems were on site within the hour working on a solution. A cable fault location was carried out and area of damage identified; unfortunately the damaged section was inaccessible and a new 50M section of cable needed to be installed to repair and divert the cable.

Civils teams were drafted in by EME Power Systems and they worked continuously to provide a new cable route; cable jointing, pressure testing and re-energisation immediately followed.

EME Power Systems Director, Robert Horn, said "I would like to say thank you to all of the team involved in this; the fault was challenging in both its nature and environment and required high technical skills and competence to resolve."